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A Chance Encounter

I reached under the kitchen sink this evening to grab a new bag for the recycling. As I was doing so I noticed that the under-sink air was funkier than normal. The building I live in was built in 1927 and the area under the kitchen sink seems that it may be original, so it’s usually a bit musty but this wasn’t quite like normal.

I knelt down to see if I could find the source of the odor…

…and two beady eyes were staring out at me from atop the garbage disposal.

An Opossum!

a baby one

But still an opossum.

I’ve barricaded the cabinet with an Ikea end table and dining chair and now I’m having Scotch.

Now, time for scotch. iPhone (3.85mm, f/2.4, 1/15 sec, ISO320)

This will be a fun conversation with the maintenance guy tomorrow.

  1. Holy crap! Those things are scary looking. I’ll bring my Glock over and we can settle the problem over Scotch. Tonight. What d’ya say? 🙂

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