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Cantaloupe Sorbet

Recipe according to Alton.


Update: After a few hours in the freezer this is essentially cantaloupe-flavored snow.

tonight’s dinner, recipe edition

  • 2 slices wheat bread, frozen
  • 1 banana
  • Extra-crunchy Jiff peanut butter
  1. Remove bread slices from freezer. Place on wire rack and allow to thaw for an hour.
  2. Peel banana. Slice on the bias into approx 1/4 inch slices.
  3. Spread layer of peanut butter on one slice of bread.
  4. Arrange banana slices on top of peanut butter.
  5. Top with second slice of bread.
  6. Enjoy!

flip – fancy-pants burgers, first impression

Flip burgers being dismantled

Tony, Diane, and I gave Flip a first try this evening. We started out with a couple of sides: the french fries and the sweet potato tots. The fries were tasty but the cheese on them moved quickly to the chewy side as it cooled down. I thought the tots were tasty (if in need of a dash of salt) but Tony encountered a lovely bit of plastic wrap around one of his.

After our server suggested that the burgers were on the small side (“a little bigger than a slider”) and one per person might not be enough, we ordered five for the three of us. He was clearly not to be trusted — the burgers are pretty much full sized. It did give us a good opportunity to sample the variety available, though. (To save you from the horrendous flash-based site the menu is here.)

  • steak tartare – this was my first choice and I stand by it. The tartare had a nice texture and good amount of spice. This one was by far my favorite.
  • lamburger – Very good. My number two.
  • butcher cut – It’s hard to go wrong with hangar steak. This was a tasty burger with some nice grilled bits on the patty but nothing terribly outstanding.
  • pork belly & cheese – I had really high hopes for this one. Our server described the 48 hour cooking process for the pork belly. I’m not sure if this was a miscommunication but what we received was nothing more special than a standard bacon cheese burger. It was good, but not nearly as outstanding as I’d hoped.
  • flip burger – I didn’t taste this one but Tony reported it was good.

All of the burgers came on a griddled bun which added a good bit of flavor (and really made some of the lesser ones).

Overall, I’d say recommended if for nothing else than the steak tartare burger. There’s definitely some room for improvement and hopefully they’ll find a good groove once they’ve been open more than a week.